Great Year of Racing at the Nurburgring

The Next Step in our journey

2023 saw Harley competing at the highest level with Breakell Racing.

A successful foray into Germany had already happened in November 2022 at the Nürburgring, on the Nordschleife, to gain the Permit B licence needed. Our thanks go to WS Racing and James Breakell.

3 NLS races have been completed with Giti Tyre Motorsport by WS Racing, in the very competitive VT2 class in a Scirocco V11 GTi. A new car for WS Racing, teething problems for the first race but finished in the top 50%, and then the top 75% in the second race which means we almost qualified for the Permit A.

April 21-23 was the 24hr qualifying races, the Saturday evening race in the Porsche Cayman 718 brought us Permit A qualification, and Sunday saw the car in Permit A specification thanks to a terrific effort from the Breakell Racing Team.

May 17-22 saw us competing in the 24-hour race with Breakell Racing in the Porsche Cayman with James, Grant Dalton and Grant Woolford. Unfortunately, the engine failed after 12 hours so we did not finish but it was a great effort by all.

Giti Tyres are a Singapore-based company, they support WS Racing in NLS at the Nürburgring, UK Fun Cup, Formula Regional Asia and Formula Drift USA.