Enjoy Benefits Ltd

A successful partnership

continues to support Harley in 2023

Enjoy Benefits Ltd are thrilled to be able to support Harley Haughton again in his racing career in 2023, for the third year running.

Enjoy Benefits is a long-established Employee Benefits provider working with companies across the UK to help them enhance and manage the employee benefits they offer to their employees.

As we all know, work is now becoming more than just about the salary, the benefits of working for a company have a large impact on staff acquisition and staff retention and Enjoy Benefits are specialists in providing support to employers who want to look after their staff.

Much as Harley needs support to keep up with his racing, working on his nutrition and exercise regime to ensure he is in the best condition he can be to race, we help employers look after their employee’s financial, physical and mental well-being by providing benefits that save employees money on childcare, high-street savings, confidential support help-lines, medical insurance, and many other services that help employers get the best from their employees and retain the best employees.

If you have employees with nursery-age children, our Workplace Nursery scheme can make a real significant impact on your employee’s finances, and can often be the difference between staff being able to afford to return to work or not. Generally, as mothers tend to be the primary care providers, this benefit makes a sizable impact on a company’s ability to retain females in the workforce, which has been proven in studies to help boost companies’ performance and profitability.

If you want a platform to host your in-house company benefits, a method for managing holiday leave and absence management, a portal to store your company documents to share with employees, a method for distributing payslips digitally, a way of increasing how far your staff’s salary can go, we have a highly experienced and friendly team ready to help get your company ready to make things easier both for your company management, but also, more importantly, easier and better for your staff.

We have conducted our own independent research which proves that for each £1 a company invests into employee benefits, the return on that investment is £3.32, a number of our benefits reduce company costs by reducing National Insurance contributions. If you want to know more, then call our team on 0800 088 7315 or visit our website at www.EnjoyBenefits.co.uk