Haughton becomes youngest Brit to race the Nürburgring 24 Hours

In an extraordinary debut at the ADAC TotalEnergies Nürburgring 24 Hours held from May 18 to 21, Harley Haughton, at just 18 years old, defied age and expectations becoming the youngest Britain to take part in the 51 year history of the race and the youngest driver among the 450+ participants. Haughton’s impressive 24 Hours debut saw him emerge as a prominent contender in the demanding Cup3 class, consistently securing a place among the top three throughout the four-day event.

Driving for Breakell Racing, Haughton’s path to the Nürburgring was marked by exceptional performances during the ‘qualifiers’ weekend in April. Sharing the wheel with seasoned racers James Breakell, Grant Dalton, and Grant Woolford, Haughton’s team clinched a remarkable third position on the starting grid.

The race itself was a testament to Haughton’s determination and adaptability. Despite encountering challenging conditions and transitioning from daylight to night racing, he showcased his prowess as a driver. Completing a gruelling 3 hour long stint in the pitch black night while remaining the fastest in his class throughout showed Haughton’s concentration, fitness, and skill. While a mechanical setback and an engine issue curtailed his race prematurely, Haughton’s indomitable spirit remained undaunted.

Reflecting on his experience, Haughton shared, “It was an all-round amazing experience to be a part of the 51st Nürburgring 24 Hours. The amount of fans in attendance was mind-blowing, and the interaction with them was like nothing I’ve experienced before.”

In the face of adversity, Haughton expressed his gratitude to his team, saying, “The team were great to be around and put in so much effort throughout the event, including the long night through the race to try and keep us going. Thank you to everyone at Breakell Racing and WS Racing for all their support through my Nürburgring journey – hopefully, I’ll be back racing there again soon.”

Harley Haughton’s debut at the ADAC TotalEnergies Nürburgring 24 Hours not only underscored his remarkable talent and determination but also set the stage for a promising and exciting future in the world of motorsport.