Sim Racing

Why Sim Racing?

Sim Racing exploded in popularity in 2020 when motorsport throughout the world shutdown whilst the pandemic was at its height. Many competitive drivers unable to test and race took the opportunity to continue racing at the highest level on many of the platforms on offer.

It is not unusual to find Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, amongst others, racing on the iRacing platform regularly. We use the sim to train on circuits and learn setup options, vital when time or budget considerations curtail testing in real life. It has been invaluable this year for the Nordschleife and Porsche Cayman racing. Driver coaching on the sim is also an important role, we can help out drivers with virtual training and transfer those skills into the real world.

Skip Barber Racing School has a yearly iRacing competition for a fully funded year in Formula Racing, we entered and were within a whisker of winning the series but for an unfortunate first corner incident in the very last race, view the 2 races here. See the championship results here.

Installing a state of art sim outfit allowed Harley to team up initially with Full Send Racing, adding a competitive dimension to racing from home. A very successful relationship followed, eventually becoming championships manager for the team. Now teamed up with Puresims Esports more success is bound to follow.

Simulation technology is constantly progressing closer towards a perfect mirror of real world physics, with help from manufacturers, teams and drivers.

Being part of a sim racing team means giving your best in all aspects of driving. For example, car setup work, race strategy, analysing lines and technique. Data analysis to get the best performance from both the car and driver is paramount, hours can be spent perfecting race and qualifying setups.

Understanding the car dynamics is a skill that can be transferred into real life situations, knowledge of spring rates, shock absorber settings, differential settings and how they affect the cars in race situations is a valuable tool and gives the driver additional confidence to work alongside engineers at the racetrack.

Visit the Puresims website here, and you can follow Full Send’s YouTube channel here.